Updating old mustang suspension

The Nene Overland Wild Defender programme replaces the stock diesel engine and gearbox, with a GM derived 6.2L petrol V8 and 6 speed automatic gearbox providing 430bhp and more than 540 NM of Torque at 4,700 RPM.Additional power upgrades are available for power increases, providing over 550bhp.he addition of an automatic gearbox is one of the most requested modifications we deal with for Defenders particularly when our clients spend lots of time city driving.The latest units with flexible ECU controls allow us to offer variable mapping of gear change patterns to suite the precise set up of your vehicle and your driving style and environment.

It also works well when a smaller diameter tyre is fitted which would otherwise gear-down you Defender.If a V8 engine is just a little bit to flighty for your needs or you just prefer the grunt and torque that only a diesel can give we can still provide you with V8-matching performance using the 3.2 TDCi.It comes with 270bhp (120bhp more than the standard 2.2 or 2.4 TDCi lumps) and is perfectly matched with either the six-speed manual or five-speed automatic.Our years of experience in tuning has yielded the highest-ever performance levels from a Defender.Our technical abilities along with attention to each and every detail, has seen us develop cutting-edge components that are technically innovative and ultimately faster and stronger than the competition.

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