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I saw it for free, but had I paid I would've felt I had gotten my money's worth.

Soulmates is one of the UK’s longest running online dating brands and is a flagship commercial business of the Guardian.

The trailers looked good, but the water theme was giving me bad flashbacks to the last Kevin Costner movie that dealt with the subject - Waterworld. It took approximately two minutes for my fears to subside and for my hesitancies to slip away.

Plus, despite the promise Ashton Kutcher showed in The Butterfly Effect, I'm still not completely sold on him. The movie immediately throws us into the midst of a tense rescue mission, and I was gripped tighter than Kenny Rogers' orange face lift.

Extensive guidelines, including printed and digital example applications, brand strategy and user experience.

A special relationship Soulmates’ Guardian association brings credibility, principle and expertise to online dating, where people often approach cautiously.

Our objective was to capture and express the personality and values of the Guardian to cut through the clutter.

The brand also needed to reflect its premium positioning and be appropriate for a discerning, international audience.

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To reinforce the bigger picture, the icon set extends to representations of the cultural past-times that the audience might connect over — film, music, food or fashion.We prototyped the brand on interfaces to test our assets and design principles alongside the usual visual building blocks of an identity.Considering the entire user experience meant we could identify useful brand touch-points — like surfacing relevant Guardian content, messaging and tone in emails or getting members started on their profiles.My concerns briefly bristled at Kutcher's initial appearance due to the fact that too much effort was made to paint him as ridiculously cool and rebellious. But then he had to go and deliver a fairly strong performance and force me to soften my jabs. Efficiently mixing tense, exciting rescue scenes, drama, humor, and solid acting, The Guardian is easily a film that I dare say the majority of audiences will enjoy.Sunglasses, a tough guy toothpick in his mouth, and sportin' a smirk that'd make George Clooney proud? You can quibble about its clichés, predictability, and rare moments of overcooked sappiness, but none of that takes away from the entertainment value.

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